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Wash your Vintage Dishes using Sink Mats

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Wash and protect vintage dishes using sink mats.

Being an avid collector of vintage glass, I know how important it is to take good care of these treasures.  There are times, though, when the job of washing them can be a risky business.  Have you ever been washing dishes … when suddenly, a dish slides right out of your hand?  This happens most often with heavy items; however, it can easily happen with any piece.  After all, your hands (and the dish) are wet with water.  A Slip-n’-Slide with the dishes is prone to happen!

Now, after a few mishaps under my belt, I am a bit wiser.  Gone are the days when washing vintage dishes was done in an unprotected sink.  Ever since using the InterDesign Sink Mats, broken dishes are a thing of the past.  Every now and again one will still slip in my hands, but with quick reflexes and a protected mat … the dishes remain intact.

Tips for Vintage Dishes | Wash them using sink mats!Not only does a quality sink mat help protect your dishes, but it also protects your sink.  The mats will reduce chipping of porcelain sinks and help prevent unsightly scratches to stainless sinks.

Most mats can be trimmed to fit any size sink.  You can even customize the mat by cutting away unwanted areas, like around the drain opening.  For me, personally, I prefer to keep the drain opening covered so that no tiny dishes or silverware can drop through the opening.  The open weave design allows water to flow freely to the drain.

If you love to collect vintage glass, or just want to protect the surface of your sink, I highly recommend using a sink mat for all your dish washing needs!

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