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Vegetable Gardening Calendar

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Vegetable Gardening Calendar - Sowing Onions

Spring is the perfect time to plan your garden plot.  By combining your efforts with that of a gardening calendar, one always knows when and what to sow based on your specific region.  Armed with this knowledge, I knew that it was now time to plant my sets of onions.

If you are not sure of what your ideal planting time is, there are plenty of helpful internet sites that can aid you in that task.  One that I really like is the Burpee Growing Calendar.  All you need to do is enter your zip code and then the site will advise you of some very good information:

  • Growing Zone Number
  • Average First Frost Date
  • Average Last Frost Date

You then choose a category – such as flowers or vegetables – and it will chart out for you all the different varieties of your specific category with the approximate month to sow them for your specific region.  Pretty nifty, right?

Here is just a sample of my growing chart …

Burpee Growing Calendar

I did not include the entire list, which was very comprehensive.  This is just a sampling of what information you will find.  The two red lines indicate your respective first and last frost dates.

This type of information really will help aid you in harvesting some beautiful produce that you will be able to enjoy year-round.  I checked on my onions today (a mere nine days from planting them in the ground) and they are looking happy and healthy.

Vegetable Gardening Calendar - Onion Tops

Thanks to the information I gathered from my personal garden calendar, I feel I have a good chance of producing a tasty crop of onions.  They store well, so I will probably have enough for the entire year.

So, get yourself ready and plan your growing season early.  Know your ideal planting time by checking out some gardening calendars, or check out workshops in your local area that focus on gardening tips.  Nothing tastes better than food out of your own garden, and today … with all the information at our fingertips, it is a lot easier than it was for our forefathers.

A nice little side benefit from all of this is that one tends to eat more fruit and vegetables when you have personally pulled them from Mother Earth.  Sharing these type of activities is a wonderful bonding experience as well.  I encourage you to take a step forward and spread your garden enthusiasm around.  If you do, you will soon realize that growing your own vegetables can have a profound and uplifting experience for you and your family.

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