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Twinkie Valentines Heart

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Valentines Heart - possibly the world's easiest DIY Food Heart. Made with a Twinkie!

Easiest DIY food heart!

Literally … unwrap two Twinkies … cut each one diagonally … and place them together. How easy is that?  The outside packaging of the Twinkie has a design with little red hearts on it, so if you don’t want to unwrap the Twinkie before serving you could simply serve them “as is”.  Put them into a lunch bag, or present them in a bowl on the table. Either way, your loved ones will appreciate the sweet message!

Valentines Heart - Twinkie covered with fruit glaze. So easy!Want to be a bit more bold?  Fear not.  Grab some fruit glaze from the supermarket and brush it on the Twinkie.  You won’t believe how much it looks like a real heart!  (I used Marzetti Sugar-Free Strawberry Glaze.)  One nice thing about using the glaze is that it hides the center seam where the two Twinkies are placed together.  Doesn’t this Valentines Heart look amazing?

Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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