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Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts Tree

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Valentine's Day | Conversation Hearts Tree | These were so easy to make, and they are gorgeous!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to design a sweet craft project that would be quick and easy.  I certainly found that, and more, in my Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts Tree!  What I liked most about it was that it was not expensive to make, and you could design it the way you wanted.  Using Sweet & Sour Conversation Hearts candy, and a handful of other supplies, my tree turned out gorgeous!  To offer a beautiful presentation, I placed it on a pink Fostoria American plate.

These are the supplies you will need:

Valentine's Day | Conversation Hearts Tree TopperRegarding the tree topper, you can use whatever you prefer.  The pink heart that I used was part of a Christmas ornament that had broken years ago.  I loved the pink heart, so I kept it.  It used to hang by a gold cord, so there is a slight hole in the top of it.  It did not matter, for when I placed it on the tree, I knew instantly that it belonged there.  Go through your leftover scraps to see if you have something you can use before buying something new.  It felt good that I was finally able to re-purpose my pink heart!

I have seen different types of Conversation Heart Trees on the internet and Pinterest; however, I really wanted mine to look like a “tree”.  Hence, I used a green styrofoam tree form (not white) and tucked green moss in between the candy hearts.  I hot-glued the moss to the form, using toothpicks to poke them into the little crevices.  This helped in two ways – it prevented me from burning my fingers with the glue gun, and I was able to poke the moss into the tree very easily.

Valentine's Day | Conversation Hearts TreeI chose to use the Sweet & Sour Conversation Hearts because of their soft pastel colors.  Obviously, this is a tree used for decoration only – and is not edible, so I was not concerned with the flavor of the candy.  Also worth noting … as you work your way up the tree – gluing the candy – the rows won’t always end with enough space for that last piece of candy.  You might have to add more space between some candies to end the row; however, this is where the green moss does its magic.  If you have more space between one candy versus another, it won’t show in the final result.  The green moss camouflages it perfectly!

I hope you give this beautiful craft project a try.  Wherever you place your Valentine’s Day Conversations Hearts Tree, be prepared for some “oohs and aahs”.
Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

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