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Using Socks to Store Gift Wrap

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Alternate Uses | Using Socks to Store Gift Wrap

There are times in life when you stumble across some extraordinary things – like using socks to store gift wrap!  Yes, I am not kidding you … it really works.  It works extremely well, and it is a very simple process.  If you are like me, you are known to throw away time-worn socks.  Not anymore!  Most worn areas on used socks are usually found in the heel and toe sections, not the actual cuff of the socks.  BONUS – it is this cuff portion that we use to store gift wrap!

Actually, you can use whatever area of the tube portion of the sock that you want to.  Just make sure it is either above and/or below the heel or toe area.  I prefer to make mine out of the cuff portion of the sock, as it has more stretch in that area and slides on the rolls with ease.  More importantly, it stays where I put it!  If you cut another area on the sock (other than the ankle cuff ribbing), it will be prone to more slippage on the rolls of gift wrap.  It would still work, though, and you can always double-loop it so that it holds more tightly.

Alternate Uses | Use Socks to Store Gift WrapThe process is simple.  All you do is cut a 2-inch section from a sock (I prefer the cuff area) and slide it onto the roll of gift wrap.  It will help keep the rolls of paper from unfurling, allowing for a much more organized gift-wrap station.  I had previously used rubber bands and scotch tape to keep my rolls of paper together.  Now … using sock fabric, all of my gift wrap is damage-free.  And, no more broken rubber bands snapping back in my face!

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