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Turning an Old Grill into a Planter

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DIY | Turning an Old Grill into a Planter

After seeing plenty of DIY projects involving old gas and barbecue grills, I finally decided to take the plunge and do something with ours.  My hubby and I decided to turn it into a planter, for we thought it would be strong enough to withstand our heavy rains and strong winds during our thunderstorm season.  After observing how it stood the weather test these past eleven months, we can proudly say that our project of turning an old grill into a planter was a huge success!

We really liked this entire concept, as we saved an old artifact from the waste dump … and it is now being used as something very useful and attractive.  Before we started the transformation, I assure you that this old grill was anything but attractive.  It was rusted and broken down.  We removed all the parts except for the little tray on the side that used to hold utensils, sauces, etc.  We kept that mainly for the stability of the planter.  It was stronger with it, than without it.  As an extra bonus, the little tray can also hold tiny plants or small gardening tools!

We did not need to drill any holes in the grill, for it had plenty.  You will either need to add a layer of rocks or pebbles to help prevent your dirt from coming out of the holes, or add weed landscaping material to cover the openings.  We chose the latter.

DIY | Turning an Old Grill into a Planter

Once you have either added the layer of rocks or added the weed landscaping material, the next step is to simply add good quality potting soil.  The type of soil needed would be dictated by the type of plants you are going to use.  Each plant is different and has different nutrient needs.  We planted ferns in our grill planter; therefore, our focus was on adding soil that would hold moisture.

DIY | Turning an Old Grill into a Planter

From this point on, the rest is easy.  Simply add your plants, give them a good watering, and place the planter in an area that will meet the lighting requirements of your plant.  We transported our ferns to their final resting area, which was under a canopy of trees with diffused lighting.  Perfect!

DIY | Turning an Old Grill into a PlanterWhile our original plantings were a little sparse when we first put them in the planter, eleven months later they are extremely happy and healthy.  The ferns like where they are planted, and the grill planter held up to extreme heat in the summer … and even a hurricane!  We really like the height of the planter, as it allows us to layer in front of it with other seasonal plants.

I hope this post will encourage you to see what salvaged treasures you might have lingering around your own home.  Happy gardening!

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