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Turkey-rific Gravy Boats

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Holiday Servers | Turkey-rific Gravy Boats | From electric to stainless-steel, you should find something here that floats your boat!

With the holidays right around the corner, now is a good time to take inventory of your food supplies and any cooking tools and servers that you might need.  Since Thanksgiving is a holiday solely centered around food, you need to plan, prepare, and serve your bounty in a way to ensure optimum flavor and ease.  If turkey and gravy is on the menu (or any other meat and/or sauce), then owning a Turkey-rific Gravy Boat is a necessity!

There are a variety of styles and colors currently in the marketplace, so whatever floats your boat – you should be able to find it! Listed below are a few of my favorites – and for different reasons.  Each Gravy Boat/Server will serve a purpose – from either a design point of view, or solving a problem (like keeping your gravy warm at the table).  Whatever your likes or dislikes, here are plenty of stylish options that you and your guests can be grateful for during the holiday season.

Now that you know how to “serve” your gravy and sauces, here is a post on the type of tools you will need for making the most delicious gravy – lump free!

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