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Flowers | Tulips

Tulips. Unfortunately for us in Tampa, our Florida’s winters are usually too warm to give them the resting period they need. Luckily, I can still enjoy enjoy them by buying a potted plant at our local food market or florist. Now I am just waiting for the beauty to unfold!

In our southern climate, we would have to buy pre-chilled bulbs if we wanted to see them bloom in the Spring. The only other option would be to chill them yourself, which involves keeping them in the refrigerator for about twelve weeks before planting.  Even so, if you are lucky enough to get a Tulip to bloom in Florida … they will probably not re-bloom in the years thereafter.

A great Tulip book with details on the species and hybrids will prove to be very useful for any gardener.  While researching online for the different types of flowers to grow in our southern garden, I came across some beautiful artificial Tulips.  They look and feel just like the real thing!  Your family and friends will be quite surprised if you tell them they are not real.  Some retailers sell them in a variety of beautiful colors as well.  Artificial ones (that are well made) are a nice alternative for having some color in bloom, especially since Tulips don’t grow naturally in our hot and humid climate.  Of course, it goes without saying, nothing beats the real thing!  These glorious flowers are real show-offs, and I absolutely love them for it.

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