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Tips for Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

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Tips for Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

One of my most treasured memories of Easter is with my sister, Joan, and her son, Johnson.  Many years ago we had an old-fashioned Egg Hunt, and it was just as exciting for the grown-ups as it was for little, sweet Johnson.  Family fun like this never goes out of style, and the memories will stay with you for a lifetime!

If you are planning an Easter Egg Hunt in a couple of weeks, here are a few tips you might want to keep in mind:

  • Quite a few families make plans for Easter Sunday, so it might be wise to schedule your party a week or so earlier … maybe even the Saturday before Easter Sunday.  Send out your Easter Egg Hunt Invitations now.  The earlier, the better!
  • Your menu should consist of foods that will appeal to both the young and the old alike.  A buffet-type brunch would be perfect; it will keep the event casual and make it easy for the little ones to get their food on their time schedule (in case they are busy running after the Easter Bunny!)
  • Nothing screams Spring Fever as much as a vibrant vase overflowing with colorful tulips! Many grocery stores have beautiful bouquets you can pick up on the run, or if you are lucky enough to have a garden – simply go outside and cut some blooms from the landscape. Flowers that bring on Spring are daffodils, sweet alyssum, lemon nemesia, pansies, tulips and geraniums. Believe it or not, red and green lettuces also will make a colorful statement in your Spring and Easter theme.  Their beautiful leaves provide robust color, healthy nutrition, and something that nibbly Easter Bunnies will absolutely love!
  • Here in sunny Florida … I don’t recommend using real eggs for the Hunt.  Colored eggs (plastic or otherwise) are perfect for hot climates.  You want everyone to go home happy and healthy, and by following this strategy you can guarantee you have followed food safety guidelines.
  • To guarantee that every child has a fun and equal experience, you should make sure that each child retrieves the same number of eggs.  This will eliminate one child from over-powering the event and finding the majority of the eggs.  Before you actually start the Easter Hunt, instruct the children to look for a specific number of eggs.  For younger children, you should hide the majority of the eggs in open spaces.  You can be a little more creative and crafty with the hidden treasures if the children are older.

Tips for Planning an Easter Egg Hunt - Chicks and Jelly BeansNow for the good part – filling those eggs!  I especially like the realistic-looking and delicious Whoppers Easter Robin Eggs!  While candy and jelly beans are the usual fare, don’t forget you can put other little “surprises” in the eggs too!  Wouldn’t it be fun to insert a small piece of paper into a few of the eggs, each displaying a picture or a word of what the child has won?  Obviously, smaller gifts (like jacks, yo-yo’s, etc.) can easily fit into the eggs.  The paper idea would be appropriate for large toys or gifts that would not fit into a small egg.  I guarantee the little ones won’t be disappointed when the actual Egg Hunt is over because they can then run to you and redeem their winnings!

So let there be candy and the traditional goodies in most eggs, but every now and again … really surprise them with wholesome gifts or books – other than candy.  Your family and friends won’t be experiencing any “down time” after the Hunt is over, as they will still have a few other prizes or activities to keep them happily entertained!

Let’s hop to it … whatever you decide to do for Easter this year, I hope it is a beautiful one.  May the Easter Bunny deliver a basket of love and happiness right to your front door!

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