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Thanksgiving Table with Fostoria Crystal

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Tablescapes | Thanksgiving Table with Fostoria and other Vintage Glass

Fostoria American Glassware – if you think it is “old lady” stuff, you need to re-think it.  The beloved crystal of yesteryear has no rivals, especially when it comes to serving up a meal with style and grace.  When paired with dimmed lighting and candle lights, Fostoria crystal sparkles like no other.  It makes for a beautiful composition, and creates the warmest of welcomes.

Water and wine goblets from the Fostoria American line are pictured in this post, as well as their dinner plates.  The amber salad plate is from the Fostoria Vesper line and is placed on top of an American Dinner Plate for an added burst of harvest color.  The round candle holders were made from the Indiana Glass Company and looked wonderful paired with items from the Fostoria American line.

I added green sherbet dishes from the American Whitehall pattern to bring in some coordinating green hues that were evident in the vintage placemats. They coordinated well with the Fostoria American pieces, sitting on top of their bread plates.  Even though Whitehall was not made by the Fostoria Glass Company – nor does it possess Fostoria’s quality or clarity of glass … they still offered a nice dash of color to harmonize with the flower arrangement and placemats.

Tablescapes | Thanksgiving Table with Fostoria and other Vintage GlassThe beauty of the vintage pieces is that they blend so effortlessly with other china or glass patterns.  It does not matter what color dishes you have, Fostoria crystal will go with all of them – simply because they have no color of their own.  What they do have is this incredible clarity and sparkle – and because of this, they possess the power to dazzle us in any light that is bestowed upon them. They make any holiday more magical!

If you would like to learn more about the Fostoria American glassware pattern, I encourage you to visit my other blog – FostoriaAmerican2056.com.

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