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Thanksgiving Table

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Thanksgiving Table - Giving Thanks - Flowers

When it comes to setting the table at Thanksgiving, I like to keep it simple.  This year I have decided to use some old, scratched and weathered plates that showcase a pretty design in the center of each plate.   I like the fact that they show their age, and don’t even mind the little scratches here and there.  These little imperfections are a testament that they have had a life; a life worth living.   Show me a perfect plate … and I’ll show you china that has led a very lonely existence.

I concede that it is all the rage these days to pile tons and tons of dishes on top of one another; however, I wanted my place settings to each have only one plate.  My guests don’t need five or six different vessels to hold their food (and are often confused by it), nor do I have the room on my table to accommodate all those stray dishes when they come falling down.  At some point it starts getting ridiculous.

My goal was to set a table just as pretty as those designer tablescapes, minus the mile-high tower of plates, cups, saucers, etc.  I concluded that one can present a beautiful and simple holiday table without conforming to the newest trend.  One plate can look as beautiful as five or six … and old and weathered wins over new and pristine every time.

Thanksgiving is a season of simplicity and old traditions.  With that, comes gratitude for a plentiful harvest – and most importantly, giving thanks for all that is bestowed upon us.  I honor thy Thanksgiving season, and hope that the following pictures will inspire you to do the same during this wonderful and colorful time of year.

Thanksgiving Table - Giving Thanks

The main message I wanted to portray was “Giving Thanks”. The pillar candles are wrapped in felt holders, each bearing a letter. Each side of the pillar has a letter, so no matter where you sit at the table, you see the same message. I saw a picture of this in a magazine about five or six years ago and tried to duplicate it.  They have held up well.

Thanksgiving Table - Giving Thanks - Fall Tablescape

My beloved hutch is ablaze with hues of the Fall season, and is the official “Keeper of Pies” and other succulent goodies. It is a nice backdrop to the rustic harvest table.

Thanksgiving Table - Giving Thanks - Fall Tablescape

A simple burlap runner adorns the center of the table, with a few colorful leaves scattered in the midst. Colorful napkins, simple flatware and autumn-hued plates help set the scene.

Thanksgiving Table - Giving Thanks - Centerpiece

The flower centerpiece was originally too high. I took it out of it’s container and placed it in a rustic grapevine wreath. I then added gourds, apples and other seasonal food items around the base – filling in any blank spaces. It is now the perfect height to allow for a pleasant conversation with the person sitting across from you.

Thanksgiving Table - Giving Thanks - Lit Candles

A candle-lit dinner is so beautiful, whatever the occasion. I staggered the candles in this photo, so they were not in such a straight line. You can move them however you choose. When the candles are lit, it is a beautiful and serene tablescape. It reflects perfectly the message that resides in my heart … “Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May you and your family be blessed during our holiday season.”

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