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Swaddle Yourself in Blankets

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Fall Decorating | Swaddle Yourself in Blankets

While the outside temperatures are still rather warm in our part of the country, we are keenly aware that cooler weather is on the way.  Lately, I have been rather busy getting our home ready for fall.  It is the perfect time of year to bring out all the blankets you can get your hands on.  It’s an annual event at our house, and we happily forage for blankets, afghans, and throws of all styles and textures.  Autumn is the season to happily swaddle yourself in blankets!

It is a goal of ours to try and keep the thermostat down in the winter months.  In doing so, we have really enjoyed the warmth that blankets can provide.  Keeping an extra covering (or two) at the foot of every bed is a gesture that is appreciated by family members and guests alike!  Another helpful tip is to have an extra stash of them stowed throughout the house, always at the ready.  Family and friends will want to snuggle in them while watching television, or sitting in a chair enjoying a book, or leisurely chat.

Fall Decorating Tips | Pile on the Pillows! Look at this Great Assortment of Fall Blankets!

Leaves falling, autumn calling … it truly does not take much time or effort to get your home-sweet-home ready for the autumn season.  Here are some other Cozy Ways to Decorate for Fall.  So, do yourself a favor and swaddle yourself in warm and comforting blankets this season.  You will be very glad you did!

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