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Storing Holiday Lights

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Storing holiday lights

Once the holidays are over, the chore of organizing and storing the massive amount of decorations is upon us.  I try to become more organized at this task every year – and at the very least – I think I have finally mastered how to store the holiday lights.  It is so simple to do.  This system does not require you to buy anything. All you need to do is recycle your paper tubes from rolls of wrapping paper or paper towels.  Ready? Let’s get ready to roll.

Storing holiday lights with paper tubes

If you use all your wrapping paper, save the paper tube. The long rolls (like this one pictured here) are ideal for longer strings of lights. You could actually roll up two shorter strings of lights on one of these longer paper tubes.

Storing holiday lights with paper tubes

Grab the bunch of lights that you want to roll and store. This “glob” of lights in its’ current state tangles so easily. This problem goes away with the paper tube storing system.

Storing holiday lights with paper tubes

Start to carefully roll the lights on the tube.  I secure the beginning cord and the ending cord with paper clips.  I cover the cord with the label and then affix to the paper tube with the paper clip.  This protects the wire from any possible nicks when securing the paper clip.  You could also use string or a heavy rubber band to secure the ends.  I find that the paper clip is a fast and easy solution.

Storing holiday lights with paper tubes

When you are done rolling the entire string of lights, you should have something that looks like this finished product.  Notice how much space I have between the wiring; this keeps the string from rolling on top of itself and possibly causing some light breakage.  The lights have plenty of room and are safe and secure.

Organization and recycling is always a good thing, don’t you think?  A jolly and joyful season will be yours next year when you find it’s time to put up your holiday lights.  These lights will roll right off the paper tube with no tangles or hassles.  Try this simple tip, and let me know how it works!

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