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Stars and Stripes Spoons

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♥ Lovin' these Stars and Stripes Ice Cream Spoons

All of the products I have chosen this week are blending so well with each other!  Today I will be showcasing these adorable Stars and Stripes Spoons!  Personally, I think these are the perfect ice cream spoons for an outdoor BBQ, a family gathering … and, of course, all patriotic holidays.

Stars and Stripes Spoons - GiftboxedThey arrived at my door (from Amazon) and presented themselves in a nice window gift box.  I was pleasantly surprised, and after a thorough examination, I think these would also make wonderful gifts.  If I had children or grand-children, I think these would be adorable to serve with their ice cream.  I can see their smiles now.  The adults will love them as well.  For those that like matching sets – I believe Amazon sells other items that go with these spoons as well.

Four spoons come to a box.  Two are red; two are blue.  Each spoon has a contrasting star at the end of their ceramic handle.  The motif is Stars and Stripes, so again – this set is perfect for a multitude of celebrations … from baseball to the 4th of July … and beyond.  They are dishwasher safe, though I think I would hand wash them just to help preserve their bright and cheerful colors.  They are approximately 7″ long.  The description on the box said they were “ceramic/metal”; however, the actual spoon is stamped with the words “stainless steel”.  Having them in stainless steel is better, so they should hold up nicely.

♥ Lovin' these Stars and Stripes Spoons - perfect for baseball, BBQ and all the patriotic holidays!

When I bought them through Amazon, I paid about $15.00 for them and truly thought they might not be that substantial … but I was wrong.  I am impressed with their quality.  The actual product looks much better in person than how it looks on a computer screen.  To me, they are worth more than what I paid for them … they are a wonderful and cheerful touch to the table, have big handles that you can grasp with ease, the perfect sized spoon for serving ice cream or children, and are made of durable stainless steel and ceramic.

Stars and Stripes Spoons, the Red, White and Blue straws ... everything is meshing so well with all the other table elements.As I mentioned the other day, my goal when undertaking this review project was to try and find different patriotic elements that meshed well with each other – both in color and theme.  I did not want them to match; rather, to blend well with each other.  The red, white and blue straws that I had previously bought looked terrific with this spoon set.  The colors of both were bright and robust … and honestly, they looked like they could of all been sold as one set!

All in all, I am very pleased with this set of Stars and Stripes Spoons.  I imagine I will get a lot of usage from them.  They certainly will prove to be cheerful additions to any picnic, BBQ or family celebration!  Now, if you will excuse me – I think I am going to sample some of this “limited edition” ice cream.  It’s called Summer Berry Cobbler, and I hear it calling my name …

Star and Stripes Spoon - perfect for serving Ice Cream!

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