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St. Nick’s Napkin

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St. Nick's Napkin - a very easy and fun DIY project!

I am a lover of vintage glass, and because of that … I am also a bit nostalgic.  While recently designing a tablescape with my Fostoria American crystal dishes, it just made sense to add a few pops of holiday color wherever possible.  I had recently seen a page in the December 2016 issue of the Taste of Home Magazine that really inspired me!  The article was about St. Nick Napkins, so I decided to trim my table with this easy DIY project.  I think all my guests will be feeling quite jolly in no time!

You only need a few items for this easy DIY project:

  1. Red Napkins
  2. Sparkly Silver or Gold Card Stock
  3. Black Ribbon (or Black Felt)
  4. Felt Glue (optional)

Christmas | Tablescapes | St. Nick's NapkinI bought some sparkly gold card stock for the buckle portion.  Basically, you cut a square from the card stock – it can be whatever size you prefer.  (Mine was a 1½” square.)  You then need to cut two slits in the square that are the same width of the ribbon or felt that you plan to use for the belt.

Thread the ribbon or felt through the buckle, and fasten the ends together.  If using ribbon, simply tie the ends in the back (this is the magazine’s version).  If using felt, fasten the ends with a small dab of felt glue – or a simple stitch would do.

And that is it folks … soon you will feel like you are about to have dinner with Santa Clause.  Ho Ho Ho!

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