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Squash Blossoms – a Tale of a Recipe

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A very good friend of mine, Miss Nicole, wrote a Facebook post the other day asking for recipes for male squash blossoms. I was intrigued, for I have never made such a dish. After many comments back and forth, she decided to go forward with a gluten-free batter. She adapted her recipe here, from Gastronomical Sovereignty.


These are what male squash blossoms look like straight from the garden, and in the pre-cook stage.


She also added some fresh basil – again, straight from her garden. And if you buy herbs at the store, you can certainly tell the difference between hers and the store-bought variety – the leaves and plump and vibrant green!


She mixed up her gluten-free ingredients (rice flour, cornstarch, an egg and seltzer water).  For precise measurements, please refer to the recipe.  Nicole did not make the drizzle – nor did she dredge the blossoms first, and she states that the batter stuck just fine 🙂


She cooked them until they became a beautiful golden jewel.  She did not salt them until she took them straight out of the pan.  She says she does not always follow a recipe so perfectly, but as we can tell here … she did a fantastic job (in her own right) in cooking up some delicious fare!  So while the recipe above is a great reference, this one from Nicole was slightly modified from the original version.

I hope you enjoy Nicole’s version of Squash Blossoms.  I appreciate her sharing it with all of us, as this is something I don’t think a lot of us have tried –  much less cooked.

nicole-mottA special “Thank You” to Mrs. Nicole Mott –  

A caring mother, wife, and treasured friend.

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