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Spice Organization

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DIY | Spice Organization | Storing spices UPRIGHT versus sideways allows for twice as many spices, and with great visibility and easy access.

Okay, I’ll admit it – I like to mix it up like anybody else … but not when it comes to my spice organization.  To accommodate my vast array of cooking spices, my husband made a few modifications to one of my kitchen drawers.  It has been a blessing ever since.  Now, I can see and reach all of my spices with ease, and … by storing them upright (not tilted horizontally) … I can fit in twice as many bottles! So come on in, won’t you, and take a peek at my spicy drawers?

I had previously tried the plastic spice dividers you can buy at the stores; however, I needed something more custom to my needs – so I asked my hubby to make up some wood dividers for me.  We took the measurements of the inside drawer, and those of the spice jars, and then allowed extra room so that I could insert and remove the jars easily.  The result?  The wood dividers keep everything neat and tidy; this is important when installing a spice organization system into a pull-out drawer.  The drawer system is so much better than the cupboard system, as everything is within easy reach and visibility.

Spice | Organization | Kept the lower-left side color-coded for hubby's favorite grilling spices.I have the spices alphabetized by name – so finding them when needed is easy.  I used my personal label maker to generate the spice labels, which I affixed to the top of the jars.  I have; however, recently seen other labels that I like a wee bit more – such as these adorable and reusable Chalkboard Labels.  As my current labels start to deteriorate with use, I will probably replace them with the Chalkboard Labels, or something similar.  But for now, the generic ones I made are working just fine!

I created a few niches in the drawer’s lower left-hand corner for my hubby.  I color-coded some recycled jars to distinguish just the barbeque spices he likes.  It is easy for him to go to the same spot every time – pick out the spice that suits his fancy – and out the door he merrily goes to attend to the grill.

Spice | Organization | My Spicy Drawer is full of round, clear spice jars for optimum freshness, easy viewing and cleaning. I chose glass jars for a variety of reasons.  My old plastic ones had become stained, and I did not want to repeat that experience.  Glass provides a clear window for me to see my contents, it cleans easily, and does not stain.  Besides, I just like the fact that my food is in a glass container (and not plastic) for health reasons.  Many sizes and configurations are available online by a variety of suppliers.  I like these round glass jars that have smooth sides; they are super-easy to pull out and use.

Spice | Organization | If I start to get low on a spice, I turn the jar sideways to alert me for my next shopping trip.If I should notice that I am getting low on a particular spice, I simply turn the bottle 90 degrees to alert me.  The next time I go grocery shopping, I look in my spicy drawers and see if there is anything turned sideways. If so, I add the item to my grocery list.  Once purchased, I turn the spice jar back to its’ original horizontal position.  This methodology has really worked great for me, and saved me tons of time forging through different bottles to see how much I had left of a particular spice.

Spice | Organization | These sturdy stainless steel spoons are uniquely designed to get in the tightest of spice jars. Love them!My old measuring spoons did not work so well with my new way of doing things, so I found these very sturdy and well-made stainless steel spoons that fit like a glove in my jars.  They have long handles and are narrow.  They work like a charm!  Round measuring spoons don’t fit completely into my jars, which is frustrating.  These do, and they should last a lifetime.  In my opinion, they are worth every penny.  Made out of stainless steel, they don’t bend out of shape like the cheaper alternatives.

And there you have it … another way to keep your home neat and organized.  It took me a long time to figure out what would work best for me with regards to organizing my spices, so I hope this post will inspire you in your next kitchen project.  Put a little spice in your life, and get your own set of Spicy Drawers!  I promise you; it will make your cooking life so much easier.

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