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Using Soap as a Pincushion

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Soap | Pincushion | The oils in the soap make the points of pins and needles glide so smoothly. Works (and smells) better than a typical fabric pincushion.

These bars of soap were just too cute to use for bathing, so I found another use for them – as an adorable pincushion!  Not only does it smell better than my old pincushion, but the oils in the soap make the points of my pins and needles glide ever so smoothly into my fabrics and crafts.

Did you know that it is relatively easy to make your own soap?  There are plenty of different types of soap-making books and kits online, allowing you to choose your own soap base, colors, molds, and fragrances (if any).  You could then wrap them up in any type of packaging you wanted.  Perhaps a clear shrink wrap bag for bathing bars, and a more fancy and colorful one to use for soap pincushions!

This tip is just SEW easy 🙂

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