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Sloggers Gardening Shoes

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Sloggers Gardening Shoes | Comfort, style, and anything but boring!

Sloggers – perhaps one of the smartest and most stylish gardening shoes that is on the market today.  With a slip-on style and a variety of color and pattern choices to choose from, they give you non-stop traction and a feeling of anything but boring! Here in Tampa we are known for our thunderstorms, and when the weather turns wet and muddy … all I do is grab a pair of Sloggers waiting for me by the back door. Putting them on, and taking them off, is fast and easy – slip on, slip off.

One of the greatest features of these shoes is that they are waterproof.  You can clean them with water in mere seconds once they become dirty or muddy.  I simply turn the outside faucet on and hose them off before coming back inside the house.  From there, they are left sitting by the door – ready at a moments notice.

Sloggers | Gardening Shoes | Heavy duty tread to help keep you stable.Sloggers have “All-Day Comfort” insoles for maximum comfort, and the bottom of their shoes feature a deep lug tread – providing excellent traction while working in the yard, garden, or mud. They are made from recyclable materials and manufactured right here – in the good ole’ USA.

There are a variety of styles (shoes, boots, and even ankle boots) to choose from – all in different designs and colors.  From a Black Pansy design (featured in this post) to a California Dreaming motif – you won’t have any trouble finding a color or design to fit your gardening style!

Why not slip into a pair of Sloggers today to add instant personality to your gardening outfit?  You will love the slip-on convenience, the ease of cleaning, and the secure traction they provide.  An added bonus is that you will probably get many compliments on them to boot!  Do yourself a favor and check out the Sloggers garden shoes; start enjoying a more colorful spring in your step today!

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