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Organizing your Linen Closet with Sheet Packages

Life is messy, but that does not mean your linen closet has to be.  Opening a linen closet should be considered dangerous duty, for one never knows what is going to come flying down on you when you open the door!  Some are meticulously kept, while the majority are usually busting out at the seams.  Why not make life easier on yourself by assembling some “sheet packages”?  You will amazed at the efficiency!

This is my easy solution to keeping bed linens in order. If everyone did it, retrieving bed sheets would be such a joy.  No longer do you have to hunt and search for the pillowcase, or the missing flat sheet … and no more sheets or towels falling down on you!  The secret to having an organized linen closet is all in the CASE.

Organizing your Linen Closet - Sheets and PillowcasesFirst step – Lay out your flat sheet, your fitted sheet, one pillow case (folded) and one pillow case (unfolded).  Try to get all the different elements folded the same size so that they will fit nicely in the remaining unfolded pillowcase.  These are all the components you will need to make up one sheet package.

Organizing your Linen Closet - Stacked SheetsSecond step – stack them on top of one another, with the folded pillow case on top.  If you prefer, you could “roll” the sheets together – instead of folding them.  I like them folded because they conform to the flat linen shelves very easily, allowing me to stack one package on top of another without them toppling over.

Organizing your Linen Closet - Sheet PackageLastly, put all your linen components into the unfolded pillow case. That’s it! You now have made a very tidy and organized sheet package!  Your days of hunting for that lost pillowcase and/or missing sheet is now a thing of the past.

Happy Organizing 🙂

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