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Riding into Fall Tablescape

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Fall Decorating | Always start with a beautiful table setting, full of robust and vibrant color.

Our seasons will soon be changing; therefore, I thought I would share with you my most recent Fall Tablescape.  I will be hosting an Autumn Brunch for gents in the near future; therefore, nothing could be too fancy.  These are big and brawny men; hence, I made sure I left plenty of room between the place settings.

The first thing I did was to remove my cream-colored dining room chairs.   I then replaced them with dark wood chairs; this was more masculine in appearance – and looked pleasing with the other rustic elements in the room.  I played up the gold and autumn colors quite a bit this year.  I did this so that the tablescape would be enjoyable by our male guests; however, this setting would also be quite beautiful served to the female gender as well.

Fall Tablescape Plates

Since it is the Autumn or Fall season, I obviously chose to go with plates that had a leaf motif or shape.   I had leaves everywhere, from the plates to the serving dishes … with artificial leaves dotting the table with color and flare.   These ivory dishes are from Hallkraft (made in Japan), in the High Sierra pattern.

Fall Tablescape Pottery Barn Dishes

These brown leaf plates are from the Pottery Barn collection.  They were bought several years ago.  They make excellent serving plates or as a salad or bread plate.  The green acorn dish is also a favorite, and that was a true treasure found at a local Thrift Shop.

Fall Tablescape Luminarc Glasses

Do you remember the old Luminarc glasses?  These are vintage, and I don’t get to use them too often.  Their beautiful burgundy color was screaming for my attention.   Their main purpose is usually for serving small shots, whiskey or brandy; however, I needed to find another way to utilize them.   I pondered over this for a bit, and finally came up with a good solution.  Since I would be serving brunch, I decided it would be wonderful to have individual servings (or “shots”) of Breakfast Syrup sitting at each guests’ place setting. How gorgeous, and the thought of having no more sticky syrup containers being passed around the table made me quite joyful.

My centerpiece turned out surprisingly well.  I started with a metal bike that had a wire basket in the back.  I did not know what to do with it; I only knew I liked its’ brown, rustic look.   One way or another, I vowed to use it.  I placed that wagon squarely on the table, and waited … for the inspiration within me to finally awaken.  Needless to say, I had a very long nap.  Finally the ole’ brain cells started to ignite some powerful sparks of creativity.  I decided I was going to “Ride into Fall” with a bike centerpiece.

Riding into Fall Table CenterpieceAfter a few pondering moments, I ended up putting a small (and inexpensive) fall flower arrangement in the back wagon compartment.  Even after doing so, this area still looked a little sparse.  I then started stuffing the bottom and sides of the wagon with fall leaves.  My enthusiasm was now at an all-time high and so I hastened my pace.  There was no stopping, and when I finally did – it was only to take a deep breath.   I then ran to the next room and grabbed a few pumpkins and other fall objects.  I went back to the table and started stuffing my remaining treasure all around the flower arrangement.  Apples, pears, and more pumpkins were placed randomly on the table.  When I stood back, I grinned like a fox 🙂  It appeared my sly ways had paid off.

When it was all completed, I really liked the ambience of the table setting.  The colors were robust, earthy, and beautiful.  Being surrounded by these hues of nature, I feel that any guest that sits around this table will find themselves in a calm and relaxed state. They might not know why they feel this way, but I will.  These colors just seem to have that affect on people – men included.

I hope some of my ideas will inspire you to find simple ways to bring the beauty of Autumn into your next gathering.  Drop me an email and let me hear what ideas you have come up with.  I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you and yours a beautiful Fall season –

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