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Holiday Ribbon Candy

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Ribbon Candy

Just the mere glance of ribbon candy brings back sweet memories from a long time ago.  Does anyone remember when this nostalgic type of candy graced our holiday homes generations ago?  I sure do.  It was in our home growing up, and also at the homes of family and friends.

If anyone has bought ribbon candy before, they know very well that there will probably be a few broken pieces in the box – even before you open it!  This candy is fragile; therefore, one needs to take care and not toss the box around.  The good news is that even if you should find a few shattered pieces in your box, it does not make a difference with the flavor of the candy.  It tastes just as good as an unbroken piece!  It is very sweet candy, and many people (such as myself) prefer to eat the smaller pieces than an entire ribbon of it.

Holiday Ribbon CandyChristmas is a time for nostalgia. While shopping recently, my cart took me past a box of old-fashioned ribbon candy. It brought back to life again a wonderful memory of my childhood. I bought the candy immediately, without hesitation. And wouldn’t you know, my beloved Fostoria American pieces were extremely happy to see them! Apparently they were old friends from another life. I know it might seem silly, but seeing the two of them together again has warmed my heart with wonderful recollections of holidays past.

Happy Holidays, and have a Sweet Christmas!

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