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Holiday Ribbon Candy

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Ribbon Candy

Just the mere glance of Ribbon Candy brings back sweet memories from a long time ago.  Does anyone remember when this nostalgic type of candy graced our holiday homes generations ago?  I sure do.  It was in our home growing up, and also at the homes of family and friends.

This year, I decided to buy a box of Ribbon Candy for Santa.  It looks divine sitting on the table … just waiting for him to arrive.  What’s even better than the sweetness of this artfully-formed candy is how festive it looks.  I think I will include it in my holiday decorating scheme from now on!

The box I bought was from Russell Stover.  A classic hard candy, the box is full of different flavors which should appeal to just about anyone.  Russell Stover has their factory located not far from us; however, I picked up my box at a local CVS store.  Other major retailers carry it as well.  I would be careful if you are buying it online, as this candy gets easily broken … and many times it does not make the trip to your front door without shattering.

Happy Holidays, and have a Sweet Christmas!

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