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A Rhodesian Ridgeback’s First Halloween

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

Our little Monster, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, has been celebrating Halloween for the past few days.  She has had a frightfully good time in the process!  Below is a three-minute video of all her magical moments.  In the many books we read about Rhodesian Ridgebacks, there was a consensus that the black-masked pups were pranksters – at your expense.  In that regard, Nena is truly living up to her breed’s standards.  She is quite the Little Devil, and we hope you enjoy seeing her in some of her cutest moments.

Special Halloween greetings go out to MaMa Summer, PaPa Jethro, big brother Hank, Joe, twin sister Eden, Abbey, Carol and Ginny.  Nena loves you all.

From our family to yours – Happy Halloween!

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