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Reusing Spice Bottles

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Household Tips | Reusing Spice Jars

It is always a good thing when you can come up with new uses for old or depleted items.  For example, reusing spice bottles offers us a variety of storage options for many different things!  When you have used all the spice in the bottle, give them a good wash – and dry them thoroughly.  If the spice or herb that was originally in the bottle has left a strong odor, a good soak in a vinegar/water mix might be needed.  Baking soda also works well; just fill the bottle with soda and leave it covered for at least 48 hours.

Depending on what purpose you want to use your cleaned spice bottles for, the labels can either stay on the bottle – or be removed completely.  Removing the labels is rather easy, and can be done with either a long soak or using a commercial Goo Gone adhesive remover.

Reusing Spice Bottles as Bud VasesSince I like labels with an old vintage look, I will often keep them (if still in good shape) on the bottle.  I especially like to do this when using the bottles as little bud vases.

Please remember not to discard the tops or lids of your spice jars.  Keep them with the bottle, as they make great little flower frogs! A frog helps to keep your flowers upright and arranged.  The holes in the lids are just perfect for this, provided your dainty flowers have slim stems.  Some spice jar lids or tops have larger holes than others, so most will accommodate your needs.  Obviously, since spice jars are small vessels – the plants that go in them should be relative in size.

More often than not, I use recycled spice bottles to store freshly prepared seasonings that we make at home.  One such flavorful spice is my Homemade House Seasoning.  It is my most requested spice recipe, and I usually need three cleaned spice jars to store the freshly prepared mix.  I love how the finished product looks in the glass jars!

Reusing Spice Bottles - Homemade Seasoning

Other innovative ways to reuse spice bottles are the following:

  • Sewing supplies – such as for pins, needles, etc.
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Bobby pins, safety pins, etc.
  • Storing small paint or cosmetic brushes
  • Office supply storage – paper clips, tacks, rubber bands, and more …

Because of their diminutive size, you can store spice bottles just about anywhere! Once you start using them, you will be amazed at how many different things you can store in them.  When you need a great way to organize all the bottles you have accumulated, please visit the Spice Organization post for even more helpful tips!

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