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Red, White, & Blue Sports Drinks

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Red, White, & Blue Sports Drinks

Are you getting ready to plan a celebration for the Red, White, and Blue?  These patriotic sports drinks are perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July – or any day in the great USA!  They are fuss-free and guaranteed to be a knockout for all your athletic family and friends.  Your guests will need to refuel during (and after) all the patriotic fun and games.  These colorful drinks are perfect to keep everyone cool and hydrated on a hot summer day!

The Fourth of July festivities always offer an abundance of delicious food – from BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers, and more!  Beverages are just as important as the food, as many families celebrate in the great outdoors – where temps can be sizzling.  Keeping everyone cool and comfortable is important. These Red, White, & Blue Sports Drinks offer a way to replace electrolytes lost, especially when sweating in hot temperatures.  Serve them in cocktail glasses, glass tumblers, or even a simple mason jar!

Red, White, & Blue Sports Drinks - Power Ade

These are some of the flavors I like to use for our patriotic celebrations:

Red, White, & Blue Sports Drinks are so easy on the host, and with all the other food items that they need to plan and prepare for … isn’t it nice to have something that they don’t have to worry about?  Another excellent idea is to actually freeze some of these beverages into ice cubes.  When the ice cubes melt, and since they are the same flavor as the drink, they won’t dilute your drink.  You can learn more information about that in this post, July 4th Ice Cubes.  (It also shows another set of flavors I like to use, from the V-8 family!)

Red, White, & Blue Sports DrinkNow that you have some great beverages to serve, it’s time to think about your tablescape.  This wonderful Patriotic Tablescape will offer suggestions on how to put together a colorful and welcoming table for your loved ones.  To further celebrate in style, don’t forget to grab your miniature American flags and pass them out to all your family and friends.  It’s a great way to show your patriotic pride.

I feel confident that you and your guests will enjoy these Red, White, & Blue Sports Drinks.  Give them a try, won’t you?

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