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Red Salt and Pepper Shakers

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These Retro Style Salt & Pepper Shakers are perfect for a casual Red, White and Blue tablescape!

It takes a lot to impress me with glass, especially since I seem to always compare it to Fostoria … for which there is no comparison.  I lower my expectations, obviously, because most glass is made by machines these days.  But I did find one set of Red Salt and Pepper Shakers that I like – though they aren’t handmade or considered fine glass or crystal.  For casual entertaining and outdoor gatherings; however, these Retro Shakers are perfect.

While I have plenty of salt and pepper shakers to my avail, I didn’t have a set that had a “retro” or old-fashioned look in the color of red.  Since I am in the process of working on my red, white and blue tablescape, and I already owned a set of blue transferware shakers, red ended up being my color of choice.  July 4th is usually known for more casual gatherings (rather than formal) and so I needed something colorful and patriotic – yet not too fussy.

Love this retro Red Salt Shaker.

These shakers blended perfectly with the theme and spirit of my tablescape.  Their bright color is cheerful, and their design reminds me of something my grandmother might have had on her table.  When I think of Memorial Day, July 4th or Veterans Day … I think of our heros, their sacrifices, and our nation’s history … and I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic.  This is one of the reasons why I feel these shakers are perfect for such celebrations; they just have that down-home and retro feel.

Red Salt and Pepper Shakers, with a retro feel. Perfect for a red, white and blue table setting!

They come well-packaged, in a sturdy box.  The set includes two 8 oz. capacity shakers – one for salt, the other for pepper.  They aren’t tiny shakers; they are substantial in size (about 4¼” high with the lid on).  Each shaker comes with a wide, stainless steel screw-on lid.  Pouring salt into these shakers should not be a problem; the opening in the neck is approximately 1⅝”.  The front design of each shaker has the words “Salt” or “Pepper” on it.  Hand washing is recommended.

With all the shakers I looked at – either at major retailers or in thrift shops – I felt these best fit my needs.  Some “cheaper” colored shakers that I found looked as if their color was going to actually peel off the glass.  They were not as heavy or substantial, some did not have stainless tops – not to mention the look that I wanted.  I bought these through Amazon, and with their color and quality … I imagine these will come in handy not just for patriotic celebrations, but also for the holidays and Valentine’s Day ♥

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