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Fall is a Great Time to Raid your Craft Closet

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Fall Decorating | It's a great time to raid your craft closet!

When the first chill is upon us, that is a sign that autumn is fast approaching.  Before the temperatures drop, I start planning on ways to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for our home.  Luckily, there are many inexpensive ways to feather your nest.  Now is a great time to raid your craft closet and bring out regular household items that you might have otherwise forgotten about.  Think of textured items – such as balls of yarn, twine, pine cones, and more!

When you arrange these elements together, they suddenly make for a decorative and eye-catching display.  Use your imagination and gather various items in a basket, a wooden bowl, or a wooden tray (like the one I used).  Mugs could also be used for smaller displays, or ceramic pots for slightly bigger presentations.  Since fall is all about texture and wonderful colors, choose hues that compliment the season – such as gold, wheat, green, and ruby tones.

Fall Decorating | Great time to raid your craft closet! Don’t forget to add a few pine cones, balls of twine, and anything else that you think will set the mood.  I set a small bowl of candies amongst everything, for those evenings when we want something a little sweet.  Even a lovely scented candle would make a nice addition!  Once you have gathered everything together, display them on a coffee or side table.  They will look adorable!  

Piling on the pillows is another fun and easy way to add colorful accents to your home.  Plus, pillows are a great way to softly cradle your head while you enjoy a much-needed afternoon nap.  I can’t think of a better way to welcome fall in stylish comfort!

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