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Pumpkins and Crystal

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Pumpkins and Crystal | Fostoria American Candy Dishes

Autumn is in the air, and the cooler temperatures are with us.  The golden textures of the season are amazing, bursting with the most colorful trees and bounty that Nature can provide!  Don’t just admire the season outside; discover the beauty of autumn from inside as well. From tea towels, pillows, vases, glasses, and more … the possibilities are endless.  I found my own harvest of color by combining Fostoria American glassware with vibrant pumpkins!

As I was getting my home ready for Fall, I experienced a pleasant surprise.  Crystal and pumpkins go very well together!  I would never have thought that something so earthy and bulky – like a pumpkin – could compliment an item that was so delicate and fine – like my Fostoria American crystal.

Pumpkins and Crystal | Fostoria American Footed Candy Dish | What a beautiful combination!Now that candy companies offer a great variety of sweets foiled and wrapped in beautiful autumn colors, a clear crystal vessel to hold the morsels seems quite appropriate.  After all, the golden candies are just as beautiful as they are sweet – so why not highlight them? When the dishes are situated on a plump and squatty pumpkin (with a somewhat flat top) the crystal dishes soon put on a dazzling show – even when empty!  They pick up all the color and light that surrounds them, and their intensity changes with each passing hour of the day or night.

This year I was lucky.  My choice of pumpkins made for perfect pedestals for my Fostoria American Candy Dishes. When I paired the Footed Candy and Cover with an abundance of pumpkins, both in the background and side views – along with some lovely orange roses – the scene was magical.  Now the only thing missing is the candy!  (Embarrassingly, we already ate the first bag!)

If you want to learn more about Fostoria, specifically the American pattern, please visit FostoriaAmerican2056.com.  If interested in the candy dishes, click the following affiliate link for available Footed Candy and Covers on eBay.

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