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Pulling Easter Rabbits out of Vintage Hats

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Tabletop Decorations | Pulling Easter Rabbits out of Vintage Hats

As we all know, magicians can easily pull rabbits out of their hats.  For others, we simply conjure them up from our china cabinet.  The only magic you need to master this sweet little tabletop decoration is an adorable bunny, a ceramic or glass Topper (aka Hat), and some brightly colored grass or paper.  No sleight of hand is needed to make this Easter Bunny extra special.

The vintage ceramic bunny that I used is precious, indeed.  It was made by my beloved grandmother, back in 1964.  She was a very special lady, and every time I see these adorable bunnies … I think fondly of her.  The ceramic bunny is actually a Salt & Pepper Shaker – and one of a pair.  Once I gather the other rascally rabbit, my enchantment will be doubled.

I wanted to put some “grass” in the hat, as that is where we usually find rabbits nibbling and hopping to and fro.  Truth be told; however, the colorful addition also serves another purpose.  I wanted to protect my vintage pieces – both the rabbit and the Topper.  The grass layer keeps the two treasures from making contact with each other, eliminating any possible scratches or chips to either.

The glass Topper that I used is from the Fostoria American pattern.  You can find a variety of sizes and designs in the Topper, both from Fostoria and other glass companies.  Fostoria made most of their American Toppers in clear crystal.  This particular 3” Topper is more rare – with a pinkish color, called Cranberry.  The blushing hue highlights the pink of the bunny’s ears perfectly.  If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing of Fostoria American Toppers, please click the following affiliate link for available Toppers on eBay.

This is a very easy DIY tabletop decoration, and no hocus-pocus is required.  Wherever you place it, you can feel confident knowing that all of your guests will feel like they are loved, and somebunny special. ♥

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