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Popsicle Drip Catcher

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Popsicle Drip Catcher | No more sticky hands for party-goers of all ages. Everyone loved using these ♥

Before serving that Popsicle – slip its stick through a colorful cupcake liner to catch drips and keep hands from getting sticky.  It works great; just cut a small hole in the cupcake liner before slipping onto the stick. You could also use different themed cupcake liners for others holidays. I use red,white, and blue baking cup liners for patriotic holidays, such as July 4th, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. They are very colorful, with varied designs.

This is such a clever way to re-purpose an everyday item.  I always seem to have extra cupcake liners on hand, and now I can put them all to good use.  These Popsicle Drip Catchers will probably be a big hit at your next gathering, as most people don’t like to run around with sticky fingers!

Make your patriotic party the best on the block with this home-tested tip! Enjoy!


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