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The Perfect Cutters for Watermelon Stars

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Watermelon Stars - so easy to do (and a LOT of fun) with the right set of Cutters!

With Memorial Day right around the corner, and the 4th of July celebrations not far behind … I thought this was the perfect time to review an assortment of some really adorable (and handy) patriotic-themed items.  Starting today – for five days straight – I will introduce one new item that I have personally bought, used and reviewed.  I’ve tried out many items, but only the top-rated five will be featured this week.  So let’s get started, shall we?

I have tried many (and I do mean many) sets of Star Cutters.  From the individual ones, to the assorted sets.  From plastic, to metal … and finally to stainless steel.  I felt that the cutters needed to be substantial in order to stand up to many years of use.  Let’s admit it, the Star Cutters are not just used for patriotic holidays, but also for many more celebrations … including the holidays, birthdays, award celebrations … the list goes on and on.  So, I needed a set that would last … and be quite durable.  More importantly, they needed to be comfortable, would not rust, and made the task of cutting incredibly easy.

The absolutely best set of Star Cutters out there!

This is the one set that I fell in love with. It is the Ateco 6-Piece Graduated Star Cookie Cutter Set.  The set came with six different-sized cutters (ranging from 1¾” to 3½”) in addition to a wonderful storage container and lid.  Many cutters I tried did not come with a storage solution, but the Ateco round storage tin keeps everything organized and together.  All the pieces nested within each other – taking up minimum space.  No more free-flying cutters swinging in the kitchen drawers!

The entire set is made out of stainless steel.  These are very well made, and you can feel that quality when you pick them up and use them.  They cut a piece of watermelon with such ease.  It is so much fun to use them!  They make perfect cuts each and every time.  Because they are made out of stainless steel, they are dishwasher safe … but I must tell you, I simply washed and rinsed them under the faucet and they came out gleaming!  Very easy to clean, and rust will not become a problem because of the stainless construction.

The top edge of the Star Cutter has a slightly rounded edge, allowing much comfort when pressing down to cut.With a nice cutting edge on the bottom, making the watermelon stars was almost too easy.  It really was a lot of fun, and would make a wonderful and fun activity to do with your family – especially if you have children or grandchildren.  The top of the cutter has a slightly rounded and softened edge, and this design makes for a very comfortable fit when pushing down on the cutter.  This is not to be taken lightly, especially if you are making a lot of cuts.

I really liked the variety of sizes in this set.  I am not stuck with just one size, and I feel the Ateco 6-Piece Graduated Star Cookie Cutter Set will prove valuable and useful for all my current and future star cutting needs.  The price was good too, and dollar for dollar, I felt like this set was the best value.  I got a high-quality “set” of cutters, with a storage tin and lid, for just under $10.  These should last me a very long time.

♥ Watermelon Stars and Blueberries - deliciously patriotic.

I like to serve my watermelon stars with blueberries, especially for the patriotic celebrations.  In a glass bowl, they will go with all your holiday decorations and look fabulous doing so.  Sometimes it is the little touches that make the most impact, and making watermelon stars is such an easy way to add a special touch – especially in the hot summer months. People will appreciate your attention to delicious detail, and relish in the sweetness of your deeds.

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