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Patriotic Tablescapes – 4th of July

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Patriotic Tablescapes | 4th of July

I am excited to share with you my latest Patriotic Tablescape for the 4th of July! Celebrate your Independence Day with colorful flower arrangements, vintage glassware, festive fare, and so much more. From the hutch to the table – and everything in between – let’s all get ready to celebrate the birth of our great country!

Since July 4th is almost here, it’s time to get our creative juices flowing.  From sea to shining sea, I think we can all agree nothing is more American than bearing colors of the Red, White & Blue. Hopefully the photos below will inspire you to add some patriotic cheer to your tablescape today.  It’s time to fire up the grill and bring on the burgers!

My intention was to keep the celebration’s focus on the table, and so I used my hutch as an accessory – and not the main attraction.  I have an old farm table which is partially painted with old blue paint; thus, this was the perfect table for such a holiday!  The first item that I added was a red and white striped tablecloth.  I chose a smaller size so that the wood at the ends of the table would shine through.

Patriotic Tablescapes | 4th of July

I then added a simple red runner to the center of the table, and topped it off with a vintage flower centerpiece.  I added little flags among the flowers, and it seemed perfect.  Since my flower arrangement had several yellow blooms on display, I decided to build upon that using fringed placemats – with blocks of yellow and red in their design.  July 4th is a summer celebration; thus, I wanted to incorporate a ray of sunshine into the tablescape.

Patriotic Tablescapes | It would not be complete without a bowl of Cracker Jacks!I finished with my touches of yellow by adding a vintage white bowl – with a wide rim of yellow.  Slightly crazed, it had the look and feel I was going for.  Inside, I tucked boxes of Cracker Jacks for all to enjoy!  I realize that the new Cracker Jacks don’t include the old toys of yesteryear; however, I still consider them to be a classic and quite appropriate for such an American holiday. Their brightly-colored boxes still hold some very tasty morsels! Usually … when the older crowd gets together and sees them, they exclaim “Cracker Jacks!  Goodness; I have not had any in years!”  Their smiles beam brightly, and all is worth it.

Blue cloth napkins, red chargers, vintage plates (all with a variety of blue motifs and designs) were then added to the table.  Does anyone remember the Cape Cod Collection by Avon?  I used those bowls for the center of each place setting.  In the morning’s early light, the ruby red color was gorgeous!

Patriotic Tablescapes | 4th of July | Time to bring out an assortment of vintage dishes in Red, White & Blue!

The glassware is a mixture of patterns and colors.  The Sherbet dishes are from the Fostoria American pattern, along with the small individual-sized Salt and Pepper Shakers.  A variety of patriotic cupcake liners were used under each Sherbet dish, adding color and protection between the two pieces of glass.  Inexpensive paper napkins, in stars and stripes, were placed between the red chargers and plates

Patriotic Tablescapes - 4th of July

I chose vintage drinkware for each place setting, as I loved their blue and ruby hues. The blue glasses (Coolers) are from the American Whitehall pattern, and the smaller red glasses are Luminarc – in Ruby Red.  Yellow straws were placed in each blue glass, adding just another hint of sunshine.

An informal arrangement of six red roses were added at the end of the table.  While this is a very casual July 4th setting, I thought the roses added beautiful color to the tablescape.  They also gave up a faint and sweet scent for any guests nearby, that dared to notice.  It’s hard for me to say no to roses, no matter the occasion.

Coordinated with blue transferware salt and pepper shakers, brass candlesticks, and red candles … the red roses added a beautiful and unexpected element.  I placed the budding beauties in a Fostoria American Vase, which seemed quite appropriate. The Fostoria American pattern was produced in this country many years ago, and all the pieces were handcrafted.  For us, “Made in the USA” never goes out of style!

Patriotic Tablescapes | Red Roses

All of the Fostoria American Dessert and Sundae dishes are being used for a very special 4th of July Cupcake Sundae!  They turned out more perfectly than I ever could have imagined.  With the addition of three little Flag inserts, they looked very proud and patriotic – not to mention, delicious!

Patriotic Tablescapes - 4th of July - Cupcake Sundae

From the same package of patriotic cupcake liners that I used underneath the Fostoria dessert dishes, I also used them for their intended purpose – cupcake liners for the Brownie cupcakes.   I chose an alternating design for the Brownie liner, as opposed to the liner underneath each dish.

The Brownies were topped off with a heaping amount of frosting, to look like a mound of ice cream.  Topped with “melting chocolate” and a cherry on top … the finale to the meal was perfect.  Summer celebrations demand Brownies – just don’t forget the cold milk!  Prepare to watch them disappear quickly.

If you still find yourself needing suggestions regarding food, you might be interested in this Patriotic Fruit Platter.  It’s easy to do, very colorful, and extremely healthy.  You won’t be disappointed!

Patriotic Tablescapes | 4th of July | Fruit Platter | Prepared in minutes, healthy, and quite a show-stopper!

If you are in charge of the 4th of July festivities this year, I hope to have inspired you with some creative ideas.  When planning your celebration, spark your imagination by turning to the colors of Red, White & Blue.  Old traditions are worth keeping.  From our family to yours, have a Happy and Blessed 4th of July!

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