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Patriotic Tablescape

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Patriotic Tablescape

With July 4th right around the corner, now is the perfect time to set my table for the holiday.  Red, white and blue are my colors of choice; however, I did not want to have too much of a “theme” going on – otherwise it could look tacky.  I just wanted enough of the patriotic colors mingled into the tablescape to set the mood accordingly, but not drown my visitors with an over-abundance of red, white and blue.

Patriotic Tablescape - Rooster

Per my usual ways, I tried to incorporate “three” of everything in regards to color and tone. Vintage pie servers, goblets, sherbets and a few others dishes adorned the table.  A very proud and colorful rooster was the centerpiece, flanked to the side by a wooden bowl full of fruit, two brass candle holders and my beloved Fostoria American pitcher.

Patriotic Tablescape - Fostoria American Pitcher

I’m sure there are more beautiful things in this world than this pitcher, but for me – at this moment in time, this is the most beautiful thing in the room.  The fact that it can grace the table with such beauty and charm, and be accompanied by items from Goodwill and the Dollar Store are a testament to its’ versatility.

Patriotic Tablescape with Fostoria American and WhitehallSince this table setting was for a breakfast, I also incorporated coffee cups, juice glasses and water goblets.  The coffee cups are Buffalo china (like the kind used at Mom and Pop Diners) and the juice glasses and water goblets are both Fostoria crystal – the American pattern.  I just love my Fostoria goblets, and one of the reasons is their versatility.  The crystal changes to whatever color your beverage is … so if you want to serve an All-American Bloody Mary, no need to go out and buy red goblets!  In this instance; however, I will use them for water and let the Whitehall sherbets provide the blue bolt of color I seek.

Patriotic Tablescape with Dollar NapkinsVery inexpensive elements were added just to give the tablescape some rustic and “down-home” charm – such as these inexpensive white towels purchased from Goodwill.  These were perfect, because I wanted something informal and country looking for this hearty breakfast – something that the men would not be afraid to use or dirty up.  They had a red border on them, and that infused a little more patriotic color into the setting without going over the top.  Those red print chargers?  They are actually paper plates from Sandra Lee’s Let’s Celebrate line!

Patriotic Tablescape with Vintage Pie Servers

If you are lucky enough to own a few vintage Pie Servers, why not bring them out?  They are so charming, and add such warmth to the table.  Even though I will not be serving typical fruit pies for this breakfast setting, the Pie Servers still come in handy.  I use them to serve tarts, coffee cakes and even Breakfast Pie!

Patriotic Tablescape for July 4thThe table really turned out wonderful.  The placemats were purchased from Goodwill, the Rooster from Michaels (at 70% off), and all the other items came from years of collecting.  Nothing matched, but everything blended well together.  This All-American table setting should put everyone in a patriotic mood.  The only thing missing now is the food – American inspired, of course!

If you would like to learn more about the Fostoria American glassware pattern, please visit my other blog – FostoriaAmerican2056.com.  I always enjoy chatting with other vintage glass collectors or enthusiasts.

I hope some of these photos and ideas will inspire you to find simple ways to show your respect for the red, white and blue.  A special “thank you” goes out to those that have served in our military, and for their families as well.  From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy (and safe) 4th of July!

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