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Patriotic Table Setting

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Patriotic Table Setting

I am excited to share with you my latest Patriotic Tablescape for the 4th of July!  Celebrate your Independence Day by using colorful decorations and festive American dishware.  From the hutch to the table – and everything in between – let’s get ready to celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!  Since July 4th is almost here, it’s time to get our creative juices flowing.  I hope the photos below will inspire you to add some patriotic cheer to your celebration.

The first items that I added to the dining table were classic red and blue-checked placemats.  I alternated their placement, putting the blue ones at the end of the table, and the four red ones in the center.  This diverse placement created more visual interest – and a more relaxed look, which is important for a traditionally casual holiday.

Patriotic Table Setting

I then added a simple red runner to the center of the table, and topped it off with a white lace runner.  Making sure to incorporate as much red, white, and blue as I could, an assortment of vintage and classic dishware was used.  The ruby pieces are from Fostoria, in a variety of patterns.  The blue coolers are from the Whitehall pattern, produced by Indiana Glass Company.  The white and blue plates belonged to my parents and were purchased from Sears over forty years ago.  There is also a Ruby Fostoria American Toothpick Holder that was added to the table.

The Handled Bowl is also from the Fostoria American line, and showcases the watermelon salad like no other.  Plus, those handles make it super easy to pass the dish from one guest to the other!  I absolutely love this bowl.

Fostoria | American | Butter & CoverThe Fostoria dishware includes three different patterns – Jamestown, Sunray, and my favorite … the American pattern.  Pictured here is the Fostoria American Butter & Cover, an item that I use quite often.  While it is truly beautiful sitting and relaxing in a cabinet, it is even more spectacular when dressed with butter.  Accompanied by a Sunray Ruby Ice Bucket, and the Jamestown Sherbets in the backdrop, the entire grouping is sizzling with magnificent color!

One solid blue (or solid red) napkin was used at each place setting.  Red placemats were adorned with the blue napkins, while the blue placemats were adorned with red napkins.

If you have a hutch near your dining table, don’t forget to decorate that as well.  It acts as a visual backdrop, and helps to set the tone for the entire room.  Here I displayed a variety of cake servers, mixed in with other colorful dishes, on the base of the hutch.  The flag is a wonderful reminder of what this celebration is all about.  With it’s timeworn look, only vintage dishes and age-appropriate items seem worthy companions.

Patriotic Table Setting

One of my favorite decorating tips is to use a variety of patterns and textures.  Please remember; however, that their color scheme has to be relative to each other.  For instance, in this Patriotic Table Setting, all of my glass or dishware needed to be either red, white, or blue (or clear crystal).  As long as you remember to combine complimentary colors together, you can create a multitude of different displays and arrangements.

Fostoria | American | Jug | Patriotic Table Setting

No matter what holiday or celebration I am planning, I always include clear glass and/or crystal pieces in my tablescapes.  These pieces are classic heirlooms and will never go out of style.

Most people forget that clear glass or crystal will magically change to whatever color you put in them.  That is the real beauty of clear crystal.  For example, just look at this Fostoria American Jug!  When it is filled with a refreshing blue beverage, it completely transforms itself into a striking centerpiece.  Colored glassware can’t perform this magic, only clear crystal can.  Bring these treasures out of your cupboards, and enjoy them to their fullest.

Little American flags were also displayed in the hutch, adding a beautiful and patriotic element.  I placed them in a couple of Fostoria American Milk Glass Vases, where the stars and stripes could proudly fly. The Fostoria American pattern was produced in this country many years ago, and all the pieces were handcrafted.  For us, “Made in the USA” has a special meaning.

Fostoria | American | Milk Glass

As I was working on this table setting, my husband had brought home three bouquets of flowers for me.  Within the wrapped bouquets, there was one solo flower that had broken off of its stem.  It was the largest flower of the bouquet, and it was in perfect condition – except it had apparently broken off during transport from the store to our house.

Wondering what to do with this single bloom, I gazed over at the table and saw the Ruby Jamestown Sherbets.  An idea was born!  The broken flower was white, and was the same diameter as my Fostoria Sherbets. Hence, I decided to combine the two.  What a delightful and unexpected surprise it was.  They were perfect together!

Patriotic Table Setting | Single Flower Bloom

I simply filled the sherbet dish with water, and topped it with the single bloom.  The white flower, resting in the ruby dish … against the blue and white plate was absolutely divine.

While I only had one broken bloom, I will certainly remember how this flower mishap turned into something wonderful.  I am already thinking of possibly doing this for all my dinner guests next year, by placing a single flower bud by each setting instead of using one large table centerpiece.

A festive wreath could also act as a centerpiece.  You might find this DIY Patriotic Wreath an interesting post.

Are you needing suggestions regarding food for your next celebration?  If so, this Patriotic Fruit Platter would be an excellent choice.  It’s easy to do, very colorful, and extremely healthy.  You (and your guests) won’t be disappointed!

Patriotic Table Setting

If you are in charge of the 4th of July festivities this year, I hope to have inspired you with some creative ideas.  Now that you know how to set your table in a colorful and easy style, you can now focus on preparing some festive fare!  Keep it simple … so encourage your guests to come on over, wave a flag, and grab a plate.  From our family to yours, have a Happy and Blessed 4th of July!

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