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Christmas Cactus Care

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Christmas Cactus Care

The Christmas Cactus (also known as Zygocactus) is one of my most favorite plants.  Native to South American jungles, it has proven to be a low-maintenance beauty right here in Florida.  They are recommended for use in gardens or patios in USDA Zones 9-10.  They do extremely well as a houseplant; however, I enjoy mine… Read more

Whitehall and American Whitehall Glass

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Vintage Dishes | Whitehall | Cup & Saucer Set

The Whitehall collection of dishes are great to use every day, and are very durable.  Over the years, especially when doing my photo comparisons and research for Fostoria American, I started to become very fond of the Whitehall pattern.  While they didn’t measure up to the high quality and craftsmanship of Fostoria glass, they certainly… Read more

African Iris

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Gardening | Florida-Friendly Plants | African Iris

The African Iris is a plant that I consider to be very low maintenance.  It produces a beautiful white flower, usually in the Spring. Here in Florida, I usually see them start to bloom around the month of February.  It also is a plant that tolerates the hot conditions of Florida.  If we are experiencing a long and… Read more

Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

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DIY Craft | Valentine's Day Treat Bags

There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and this simple DIY project is one of them!  Making up your own Valentine’s Day Treat Bags is simple to do, and is a fantastic project that you can enjoy with your family and friends.  I already had about half of the supplies I needed from leftover… Read more

Valentine’s Day Heart Mason Jars

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DIY | Valentine's Day | Heart Mason Jars

Seriously, I don’t know what could be easier or more precious than this adorable DIY craft for Valentine’s Day!  Recently inspired from different projects I saw on the internet, I decided to give this cute project a try.  They turned out so much better than I ever imagined.  They were made with no glue and came together in… Read more

Ladderback Chairs

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Cottage Style Decorating | Ladderback Chairs

If you are a fan of the “Cottage Look”, then you might want to consider adding a Ladderback Chair to your furnishings. Cottage-style decorating is a mix and match style – allowing great freedom in combining flea-market finds with family treasures and modern pieces of furniture.  Ladderback Chairs have a clean and simple design, which makes them one… Read more

Giant Leopard Plant

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Garden | Giant Leopard Plant | Tall and handsome plant, with daisy-like flowers.

Farfugium japonicum ‘Gigantea’  The Giant Leopard plant is tall and handsome, with round and shiny leaves. Within it grows individual 3 to 4 foot stalks, with daisy-like yellow flowers blooming at the end of the stems.  Being a perennial plant that needs shade, I placed it in a gorgeous red glazed pot – under our big oak tree.  It… Read more

Vegetable Gardening Calendar

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Vegetable Gardening Calendar - Sowing Onions

Spring is the perfect time to plan your garden plot.  By combining your efforts with that of a gardening calendar, one always knows when and what to sow based on your specific region.  Armed with this knowledge, I knew that it was now time to plant my sets of onions. If you are not sure… Read more

How to Kill Ants with Non-Toxic Ingredients

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Non-Toxic Ant Killer

No one wants to hurt any living creature; however, most of us don’t want to see a highway of ants marching through our home either.  Some species of ants have multiple queens and nests, so placing your poison around in a variety of places is key.  While buying pesticides online or at a home improvement… Read more

Sweethearts Conversation Hearts

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Sweethearts Conversation Hearts | Valentines Day | Sometimes it is the simplest of messages that hold the sweetest of memories.

Sometimes the sweetest and simplest of messages produce the best results. Last year I wrote out a simple message to my husband with Sweethearts candy. I left it for him to see first thing in the morning. When I awoke an hour later, I was surprised (and speechless) on what he had done.  What could… Read more