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OXO Good Grips® Whisks

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OXO Good Grips Whisks

Over my many years of cooking, I have tried a variety of cooking gadgets and tools.  One such instrument is the often used “whisk”.  It’s hard to imagine any kitchen without one!  I still have a few old ones stashed in my kitchen drawers.  The dutiful ones; however, reside in a crock on my countertop 24/7 – and they are the OXO Good Grips® Whisks.  They are my absolute favorites, and to tell the truth, they are just very comfortable in my aging hands.

OXO makes a variety of whisks, so I have several.  There are smaller ones, like the 9″  Whisk, which is perfect for use in small bowls and containers.  It has a narrow profile; thus, it can handle small jobs much better than a bigger-sized whisk.  No matter the size, all OXO whisks allow you to mix with ease, due to their ergonomic design.

Other features I like about their whisks is that their handles don’t slip around your fingers, whether they are wet or dry.  The stainless steel wires stand up to a lot of use, and are super easy to clean.  While I usually rinse mine by hand, they are also dishwasher-safe.  Also, I have never had any rust issues with them … which is a statement I can’t make for the other brands.

Another whisk I like is their 11″ Better Balloon Whisk.  Due to its size and balloon shape, it is up to any whipping or whisking job you might have.  I usually use this one for medium to large jobs, or for those recipes that result in a thicker or heavier batter. Whichever whisk you prefer, I think you will be pleased with the comfort, service, and durability of these indispensable kitchen tools!

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