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OXO Good Grips Squeegee

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Shower Cleaning Tools | OXO Good Grips Squeegee

Yes, the word “squeegee” has a humorous sound to it – but don’t let its name fool you.  It is a mighty warrior, one that will make a huge difference in defending your shower walls and doors from a barrage of soap scum and hard water stains.  The OXO Good Grips Squeegee is definitely a cleaning tool that everyone should have in their shower!

While many people use microfiber cloths or towels to wipe down shower walls and doors, a squeegee is simply more effective in removing water and residue.  Towels will ultimately get soaked with water, even before you are finished wiping down your shower.  Once that happens, you are essentially smearing water, soap, and other residue all over your walls.  You are no longer cleaning … you’re just spreading the nastiness.

In contrast, an OXO Good Grips Squeegee (or any other quality squeegee) will remove most of the water left on your shower walls – whisking away any material that will one day become soap scum residue.  I know this to be true, for we updated our master shower last year with new tile … and immediately thereafter, we changed to a glycerin type of soap and started using a squeegee.  It has made a tremendous difference in the amount of elbow grease we exert to clean the shower, and how often the task is needed.

After using your shower squeegee, spray down the walls and door with a quality shower spray, leaving it to air dry. This process will truly help you stretch out the time in between shower cleanings.  It only takes a second or two to do so, and if you use one with non-toxic ingredients … the scent will leave you invigorated.  We especially like the Method Daily Shower Spray, with Eucalyptus Mint.  It smells divine, and really works!  As with all cleaners, make sure it is compatible with your shower application, and do a test-run in an inconspicuous area first.

OXO Good Grips SqueegeeThe OXO Good Grips Squeegee comes with a strong suction cup, allowing you to easily hang it on a shower wall or door.  It’s attractive, sturdy, and has a non-slip handle that even the burliest of hands can hold onto.  With a wide and substantial blade, it dries large surfaces fast.  Place it where you need it, and within arm’s reach.  By visibly seeing it every time you take a shower … no one will ever have the excuse they “forgot” to wipe down the shower.  It will be in plain view for everyone!

A shower squeegee is one of the most low-maintenance cleaning tools you’ll ever come across. They are super-easy to clean!  Once you’ve finished using it, simply rinse them off under clean water before letting them air dry.

“Get a squeegee, put it in your shower, and use it after every shower!”

While this might be a new habit that your family will have to incorporate into their lives, I assure you this quick and simple task will greatly reduce your bathroom cleaning chores.  Hard water stains and soap scum build up over time; however, there will be much less of it to deal with by using a squeegee.  I encourage you to start using one today!  You will be glad you did. 🙂