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Our Family Vacation in Orlando, Florida

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The story below is told by the Mother of All Things – Latisha Brooks.  These are her words, describing her family’s recent vacation in Orlando, Florida.  I hope you enjoy – JN

It was early in the year – about March when we planned our “Big Vacation” for Orlando, Florida.  I could not wait!!!   I was so excited, and really didn’t think August would get here soon enough.

Brooks Family in Orlando FloridaMy husband and I are self-employed, have a home office and 3 kiddos …. Shew!! Something is always going on at our house 24/7.  When we landed at the Airport in Florida I knew I was truly on vacation.  We went over and picked up our rental car (minivan).  My husband is sooooooooooooo not a minivan man.   SUV all the way!  We got our first minivan – a bright blue one so we could find it wherever we went!  The sto-away seats … well … not sure where someone stowed them, because we never found them. The kids had plenty of room in the back seat 🙂 and me and Ron could actually hear each other talk.  All is well.

The Marriott Royal Palms in Orlando is where we stayed.  Can I just say, WOW!! I couldn’t even believe this was our place for the week. It was so beautiful.  I loved being able to swim at 10 pm, and the water was the perfect temperature – like bath water.  It was wonderful looking out our resort window at the water fountain beyond, and hearing the serene sound of flowing water.

NBA CityIsaac and Jacob loved the NBA City Restaurant.  Once they  saw that coming into the park they couldn’t wait for lunch!

Harry Potter was real exciting for the kids and they were able to ride the roller coaster; however, it was a very crowded part of the entire park. Not a good place to find yourself if you have personal space issues.

Sea World in Orlando FloridaOut of all three parks we visited – all were wonderful, but Sea World was my favorite. I loved the animals, tropical fish and the hands-on-areas where you could actually touch the animals. The kids were in amazement over being able to touch a dolphin and sting ray. Very rubbery and slimmy feeling, but very neat!! At the shows we always sat up at the top of the stadium (mainly because I didnt want my camera to get splashed.)  Watching the kids faces was just priceless for me……

Universal Studios and Adventure Island were awesome!  Dr. Seuss and the Cat and the Hat are the collection of books I will never part with. I read them to the kids when they were itty-bitty. Seuss Landing was fun to be in and where we all got our matching shirts.

Our family’s total highlight of our vacation was seeing Julie and Hector. No matter how much time goes by between visits, it is always a GREAT reunion of talking, laughing and giggling.

The Steer was some good eatin’.  The Texas Cattle Co. Restaurant in Lakeland was top-notch in our book!  Ron can never pass up a good steak.

This vacation was so very relaxing for us. Just to be together and making memories as a family will last a lifetime. I took over 250 pictures and have already got them grouped into piles to make memory books for each of the kids.

The trip home was adventurous, needless to say.  We found a small road that had “Coco Beach” at the end of it – and before we could get the minivan in park, four family members …yep, 3 kids and my husband, had thrown off their shirts and shoes and were running to the water!  Julia came back to the van to get a towel – and in the process – locked the one and only key in the van on the seat. So we now know a good locksmith in Florida 🙂  Pop a Lock was right there in a blink!

Florida Water

We got to the airport on time – thank goodness – only to be informed
that our flight was on a 2 hour delay. The only comment mentioned ….

“We could have stayed in the water longer, Dad.”


Comments below are from family members Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3:

Jacob (Thing 3) says “My favorite part of Florida was the roller coasters.”

Isaac (Thing 2) says “My favorite part of vacation was meeting Julie and Hector.  They are very nice, and I can’t wait to see them next time.
P.S. “and Sea World too!”

Julia (Thing 1) says “My favorite part was … I have so many … going to Adventure Island and riding the Harry Potter roller coaster. I have collected the Harry Potter movies and it was exciting to see this section at the park. I got to meet Julie and Hector at the steak house, and we got to know them better.  Now I will remember them forever. I also had fun tickling Hector with Julie. That was funny!  I also had fun at Sea World watching all the shows. My favorite was watching the whales and Shamu. Also, Journey to Atlantis was cool.”

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