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Orange Star Perennial

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Flowers | Orange Star

I recently became the caregiver of one of the most gorgeous and vivid orange plants I have ever seen – the Orange Star, or Ornithogalum dubium.  It is a beautiful perennial in the lily family.  Native to South Africa, these vibrant compact plants have large flowers that bloom over a 1-3 month period.  The high-impact florets bloom up the stems in succession to provide weeks of brilliant color.  Once blooming is completed, it is best to remove the spent flower spikes at the base of the plant.

The Orange Star is not only vibrantly beautiful, but it also offers a faint and sweet scent.  Orange Star is actually a variety of the Sun Star plant, and there are other colored varieties as well – Yellow Star, Peach Star and Ivory Star.

This is what I have learned thus far about how to keep the Orange Star in optimum health:

  • Water:  Keep soil on the moist side, but not wet.
  • Light:  It flourishes in bright, indirect sunlight.
  • Fertilization:  Use liquid fertilizer at half the label rate, every other month.
  • Temperature:  It performs best when placed indoors, in a cooler temperature.
  • USDA Zones:  9-10

Gardening | Perennial All-Stars BookIf you are not sure whether the Orange Star is a good choice for your climate, you might consider researching other perennial choices that are described in this book, “Perennial All-Stars:  The 150 Best Perennials for Great-Looking, Trouble-Free Gardens”.

There is a perennial for every type of garden, whether you have wet or dry soil, or you have direct sun or shade.  Perennial All-Stars is an excellent gardening resource; helpful for those folks seeking great-looking and trouble-free gardening!

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