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OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel for Non-Stick Pans

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OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel for Non-Stick Pans

Nothing beats a cheesy pizza loaded with lots of toppings. When you order a pizza and open up the box, you notice that it is already pre-cut into individual slices. Problem is, sometimes they did not do a very good job at it and you need to bring out your own pizza cutter (a.k.a. pizza wheel.) Obviously, if you make your own pizza, then you need a good and reliable pizza cutter anyway.  The tool perfect for the job depends on the type of pan you are using – regular metal or a non-stick variety.

There are many good pizza wheels out there, just as there are some sub-standard ones. You need one that is comfortable in your hand, one that is large enough to easily glide through the various crusts (from thin to thick), and most importantly … they need to do so without dislodging all the wonderful pizza toppings!

Whatever your personal choice is for use with a metal pan, what do you do when you are using a non-stick pan that scratches easily? Those pans aren’t cheap, and if you keep scratching the surface with a regular pizza cutter, then you will probably need to replace the pan sooner than later.  Let me introduce you to the OXO Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel for Non-Stick Pans.

OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel for Non-Stick PansThe blade is a polycarbonate plastic; hence, it won’t scratch. The edge of the wheel is a bit tapered, so it slices almost as well as a normal metal blade. The slick blade also helps cheese from sticking to it. There are not that many pizza cutters made for non-stick pans; however, this is a very good choice.

Pizza wheels, or pizza cutters … whatever you choose to call them, are a great invention.  Cutting a pizza with a regular knife almost always pulls the cheese in every direction, which makes owning a pizza wheel an invaluable kitchen tool – offering great convenience.  By keeping the cheese on your pizza … it ultimately ends up in your mouth.  Your tastebuds will thank you, and so will your non-stick pan.

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