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Nena, our Rhodesian Ridgeback

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Nena - Rhodesian Ridgeback

May 9th, 2014 – it was a glorious day, indeed.  For this was the day that we adopted our Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Let me clarify that statement a bit more – we adopted a Rhodesian Ridgeback … that was “ridgeless”.  An oxymoron from birth, Nena continues to live up to those contradictory terms.  Bearing the title as our Beloved Pet, she also reigns quite supremely at being the Beast of our Homeland.

I started to write a blog post about her after receiving photos of some of her adorable siblings.  Their owners reached out and shared photos of their pets at a milestone age – six months old.  As I started to write, I soon realized it would be easier to just make a short video of our little (big) girl.  This venue seemed to best capture the essence of this beautiful dog.

Here is the video of our beloved Nena.  I hope you enjoy!