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Moss Rose – Portulaca spp.

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Flowers | Moss Rose

What do you get when you mix a Moss Rose with an old wheelbarrow?  A bloomin’ good time!

All of our summer rain has turbo-charged this succulent plant into a container of pure happiness.  It’s called a Moss Rose, and they are very hardy. A succulent plant that can handle less than perfect soil.  As you can see, they grow well in containers (my wheelbarrow is completely covered.)

I bought one small plant a few years ago at Lowes.  What you see here is a mixture of several plants over the years, as I migrated different ones into the wheelbarrow. They are annuals; however, mine keep coming back year after year because they happily reseed themselves.

Moss Rose likes full sun and can grow up to 8 – 12 inches.  They are great in containers, borders … and even as a ground cover.  They are very easy to grow and drought tolerant. These are one of my most favorite flowers to grow – especially in our hot climate.  Befriend one today and you will soon be rewarded with my years of happiness.

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