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Make-Ahead Roasted Turkey Gravy

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Recipe | Make-Ahead Roasted Turkey Gravy | Some of the best gravy I have ever tasted, and it was made ahead of time!

One of the best lessons I learned a few years ago was that you did not have to roast an entire turkey to make delicious-tasting gravy.  Limiting yourself to Turkey wings, onions, and other fresh ingredients will do just as well. I searched and experimented with many gravy recipes over the years; however, the one that won me over is from The Yummy Life, by Monica Matheny.  The added bonus?  I prepared it a couple of days before Thanksgiving Day!

Initially, I was afraid that any gravy that you can make ahead of time would not be as good as when you first cook or prepare it.  I was wrong.  Making my gravy ahead of schedule saved me so much time (and stress) on Thanksgiving Day.  It allowed me to keep all my attention on the turkey, guests and other side dishes that needed to be prepared the day of.  I truly don’t think I will be making my gravy any other way in the future.  It turned out that perfect, and I don’t use that term loosely.

Recipe | Make-Ahead Roasted Turkey GravyWhen you are finished cooking, you will be left with a pot of delicious, low-fat gravy.  It will be free of lumps, creamy-smooth, and glisten with the most beautiful golden hue.

You can reheat it in the microwave or on the stove top (which is how I prefer to do it).  I prepared it two days ahead of Thanksgiving, and it was perfect on Turkey Day.  I did not have to add any water or broth; it was the perfect consistency – even a few days later.

Just remember, certain kitchen tools can really help you in your efforts – like a wire strainer, fat separator, balloon whisk, etc.  To learn more, here is an earlier post on the tools you will need for making lump free gravy.  All of these tools will make your job that much easier, and will help produce excellent results – all of which your family and friends will be thankful for.

You can find Monica’s excellent Make-Ahead Turkey Recipe here, which lists all the ingredients you will need, and many other helpful tips.  Once you have your gravy made, now the only thing to think about is how to serve it.  You might want to check out this post for some turkey-rific servers; I am confident that will find at least one that will happily rock your boat!

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