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Magazine Inserts – Being “Green” Between the Sheets

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"Being Green" between the Sheets - reuse those magazine inserts for a great-smelling linen closet ♥

Doing the “green” thing is the latest rage!  And, when you think about it, we all need to do whatever we can to reuse, recycle, and find alternate uses for everyday items.

A light bulb went off in my head the other night as I was reading one of my favorite magazines.  I believe I read about this trick some time ago, but I never actually put it to use.

You know all those advertisement sheets we get for perfumes and such that are stuck in our magazines?  Well, I finally tore them out!  Sometimes they are so strong that when I get to that page in the magazine I find that I need a tissue.  I’m sitting still, but my nose is running all over the place!  I need to control that wonderful scent and harness its power elsewhere.

Place them between your sheetsI carefully take them out and run to my linen closet.  I have a drawer full of extra linens where these can be implemented, as well as in the guest bedrooms.  I am always wanting the guest rooms to look and smell special.  Open up the flap and then lay them flat between the sheets, or towels, or pillowcases … or whatever you please.  It’s free, and it’s green.

The best part?  Your linen closet will smell divine, and it won’t cost a dime.

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