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Laundry Pods

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Laundry Pods - Gain Flings

Say “goodbye” to sticky laundry chores!  I don’t know about you, but trying to pour my detergent (whether it is in liquid form or powder) is a real mess.  As careful as I am, it usually proves to be a drippy and sticky endeavor.  Even if you are perfect – and don’t get any on you or your washing machine – there always is that residual soap that traveled down the bottle, into it’s cap, or onto the container’s final resting place.

If you are like me – and tired of lifting these bulky jugs of detergent … may I recommend that you try using laundry pods (a.k.a. flings, dropps)?  I have found them to clean just as good as my usual brand of detergent, they are eco-friendly, and are so easy to use.  They are pre-measured and dissolvable pacs that you simply toss in … that’s it!  Even though they cost a bit more than the standard type of detergent, I have found that they are worth it because I no longer have to measure the proper amount of detergent to use and I have no messy container to clean up after.

Laundry Pods - Gain Moonlight Breeze FlingsOne brand I like are the Gain flings.  We have two dogs in our household, and the Gain flings clean the dog bedding and towels superbly well.  The dogs don’t have any allergic reactions to the product either.  We use the Moonlight Breeze scented flings, and the laundry room smells heavenly while the clothes are being washed.  It also has the Oxi-boost and Febreze technology added to the detergent, so I literally don’t have to add any other type of cleaning or softening agent to the wash.

Do yourself a favor and check them out.  Most of the big name companies now produce this type of laundry aid and they can be found very easily in most supermarkets or retailers.

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