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The Kyjen Star Spinner Dog Puzzle

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Kyjen Star Spinner

The Kyjen Star Spinner Dog Puzzle seems like a smart buy for all dog owners.  In a nutshell, the puzzle aspect of the toy keeps your furry friend mentally active and challenged.  If you dog is left alone at times, this would be a perfect puzzle to keep him entertained.  Another great side affect is that it actually helps the dog eat at a slower and more healthier pace.  He simply can’t gobble up his food or treats all at once!

The Kyjen company produces the Star-Spinner, along with a variety of other products you might enjoy.  Below is a YouTube video from a Vet describing the Star Spinner.

The Star Spinner Dog Toy Puzzle has 10 treat or food chambers that challenge your dog to lift each cup in order to reveal its reward. This toy is perfect for teaching the basics of eating obedience and problem-solving. Since most dogs instinctively enjoy the challenge of hunting and seeking out, I think this is a good choice for Fido.

And while there are many videos on the Internet about this product, I thought this YouTube video was a short and cute clip about how an actual dog interacts with it.  I also liked the enthusiasm of the dog’s owner 🙂

The Kyjen Star-Spinner does have rubber soles to help prevent slippage; however, bigger and heavier dogs will probably have no problem moving it around.  It works great on our patio and screened porch area because the floor is not slick.

Maybe your pooch will enjoy this dog puzzle too!

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