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Using Ketchup Packets as Ice Packs

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Using Ketchup Packets as Ice Packs

Remember the last time you went to a fast-food place and asked for some ketchup?  Most of the time you don’t receive just one packet; rather, it is usually several (or a handful).  Have you been tossing out all the extras?  From now on – don’t throw them away; throw them in your freezer!   The ketchup packets fit perfectly on little injured areas of the body that need some cooling off – like those small and painful oven burns.

IMPORTANT – Always remember to put a protective layer between your skin and the frozen packet to avoid an ice pack burn or a case of mild frost bite!

Though I first posted about this topic way back in 2011, I am reintroducing you to this wonderful tip today.  Even I sometimes forget that I have these ketchup packets stored in the freezer, and later … after I have suffered an oven burn, I wish I had remembered.  Not only do I keep a stash of them stored, but I also keep one or two bent in half and already secured with a thick rubber band – in the freezer. That way, when an emergency arises … and it always does … I already have the rubber band handy and don’t have to scramble to find one in my hour of need.

While these little ice packs are great for children because of their small size, I really like them for oven burns.  This usually is too small of an injury for a bag of peas, and it is very difficult to hold and press a huge rigid ice pack on a small, rounded area of your body.  Especially if you get burned while cooking, one usually can’t just stop and hold a bulky frozen form on the injury for minutes on end.  With a small frozen ketchup packet, you can!  Straight out of the freezer, it bends and molds quickly to your body.  With the help of a thick rubber band, it holds the packet and your protective skin covering perfectly in place – providing quick and soothing comfort while you continue on with your errands or chores.

TIP:  Burns are no fun.  When you do suffer from one, you might want to try Unguentine – an ointment for burns.  Tried and true, it is an excellent product that has helped heal my skin many times over.

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