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Keeping your Cool in the Florida Heat

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Keeping your Cool in the Florida Heat

August is one of the hottest months of the year.   Everyone is feeling the heat, and my a/c is working overtime to keep up.  My last electric bill was staggering!  What was my recent mission?  To find alternate ways of cooling off during the dog days of summer.

I have a few recommendations I would like to share (some of which are silly – and some that truly work.)  Maybe one or two will work for you.

1.  Wear your bathing suit all day.

In my universe, all physical attributes experience zero-gravity on a daily basis, so this recommendation probably would not be appropriate for me.   But if you are blessed in all the right areas, go for it!

2.  Place a circular fan where the air-conditioner is pulling or “returning” the air back to the a/c unit.

This worked like a charm; my a/c actually worked less doing this simple trick.  Placed it on the counter and had it face the direction the air was being pulled from.

3.  Cool down – and explore – at the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park.

It is one of the newest parks in Tampa Bay, and has excellent reviews from our residents.  Worth the visit.

4.  Fill up a kiddie-pool and sit it in for reflection. 

When I did this, the reflection looked like a baby-elephant.

5.  Replace your old-fashioned light bulbs with new energy-efficient light bulbs.

Alas, no more extra heat flowing around my air-space.  There’s a lot of other stuff floating around, but that’s another subject.

6.  Bought a hand-held portable fan at Goodwill.

Jury is out if this really lowers my core temperature, but hey – I look cool doing it!

7.  Sleep downstairs.

Warm air rises, so if you have a bedroom downstairs – use it.

8.  Let your feet hang out at night.

Body heat escapes through our extremities, so keep your feet out of the covers – and don’t wear socks to bed.  I know this to be true; it worked.

Now if I could only keep my cat from licking my feet …

9.  Forget about drinking caffeinated beverages before hitting the sheets.

Elevated blood pressure makes you hotter.   For sleep, not such a good idea.

10.   Loaded up the squirt gun with ice-cold water and surprised my husband with a “cold-one.”

He was not amused.  It appeared I had made a warm and muggy situation even hotter.

11.  Put on a wet t-shirt and wear it to bed.  The evaporation from the shirt will help keep you cool for a few hours.

Worked wonders!  Only problem – made me cooler and my husband hotter.

12.  And finally, take a boat ride in Tampa Bay and let the water hit your face.  A breeze in your hair and a cool soaking will take your mind off the heat.

Enjoy the beauty of Tampa Bay, and yes – even the heat.  It could be worse.  You could be living in the Pole of Cold.

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