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Keeping Your Family Connected

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Scheduling Family Time

We have all been there.  Little Johnny has a basketball practice, while the older Sis has a dance recital all the way on the other side of town.  You have literally five minutes from the time you get home from work to pack up the kids and go!  What will we have for dinner, and when?  Wait a minute!  I don’t even have any food in the refrigerator, so I guess it’s Dinner on the Fly again!

If you want to gain some sanity and order in your hurried life, check out this new website called Cozi.com.  It helps to keep everyone’s schedules straight and is accessible on any computer or mobile phone.  It even has a Shopping List for those times you actually remember to go by the store.

You, and other family members, share household information in one place so everyone is in tune with each other.  Have a team practice on Thursday at 6:00 PM?  Jot it down.  You can even note household chores and assign them to certain individuals  (I am sure I will get emails from the minors in the family on this one.)  Sorry, Kids!

With this tip you can find more time to relax, and enjoy that precious Family Time!

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